IoT (Internet of Things) creates a powerful network between physical and digital worlds by connecting physical assets such as hardware, machinery, electrical equipment, vehicles and much more to the digital world through the cloud. With more than 20 billion devices predicted to be connected to the Internet of things ecosystem by 2020, massive growth in networks will generate large amount of data, creating new opportunities for businesses.

At Audax Labs, we bring expertise with platforms like Hitachi Lumada, AWS IoT, and Azure IoT, further combined with technologies like Augmented Reality (AR), and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to open new possibilities and help generate business value for enterprises in innovative ways.

We provide technology research, advisory and platform solutions to create smart and connected products for businesses.

IoT is transforming the way technology impacts users. From businesses to enterprise to industries, and from smart homes and buildings to cities to governments—IoT is enabling business enterprises and governments to digitize physical assets and create a hyperconnected world.

Our expertise in IoT solutions cover devices, cloud, enterprise applications and big data analytics. This coverage enables us to architect and implement end-to-end, robust and secure industrial IoT solutions at scale, including procurement, installation, device management, gateways, platforms and applications.

Client Success Story

How Audax Labs helped Karma Automotive in delivering a connected car experience.

Karma Automotive


Audax Labs provides IoT solutions that empower smart enterprises, smart industries and smart living. We leverage in-house experts, vendor partners and ecosystems to bring expertise across a wide range of services at different stages of IoT adoption to deliver to our clients a seamless experience.

Some of our key focused areas on IoT include:

Connected Cars

Our connected car solutions are powered by best-in-class mobility and machine learning solutions to enable automotive manufacturers, auto suppliers and fleet owners to develop, deploy and manage secure and reliable connected vehicle services. We cover key areas of mobility and connectivity including device management, application enablement, analytics and managed services capabilities.

Smart Enterprises

Our smart solutions for enterprise IoT are designed for a wide range of industries such as retail, manufacturing, energy and utilities. These solutions are deployed to build smart homes, smart buildings, smart cities and smart governments. Our smart solutions for enterprises such as Smart Metering, Power Monitoring (Quality) optimize enterprise performance and energy enhance efficiency and sustainability.

Industrial IoT

We specialize in building connected, intelligent and autonomous systems that integrate with legacy industrial protocols and deliver actionable, real-time data and insights. Our Industrial IoT (IIoT) systems enable flexible automation with remote monitoring, diagnostics, and remediation for industrial units such as HVAC plants, factories, and so on. Our solutions also facilitate real-time analytics for production planning, inventory management and gathering real-time feedback from users.

Solution primer: Internet of Things-based solution connects multiple HVAC systems for efficient predictive maintenance.

Internet of Things based solution
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