DataOps, is the process-oriented methodology which improves the accuracy of analytics, speed, and automation including data insights, data discovery, and integration.

Audax Labs helps global organizations manage their data effectively through better collaboration and automation. That means improved data trust and protection, quicker data insights, and more cost-effective data management.

DataOps combines Agile Development, DevOps and Statistical Process controls and applies them to Data Analytics

Organization Data Challenges

The world of business is data-focused. Organizations are continuously assessing and adopting new technologies, and information management practices. With the IT landscape continuing to evolve, it gets even more difficult to ensure that the right data is at the right place, at the right time.

Data is constantly being generated through diverse platforms and the source of data for any organisation is no longer exclusive to traditional applications. Implementing strategies to manage data and drive business requirements is a challenging task and often there are no fixed remedies to handle data related issues.

Our Capabilities

Data Governance

Data governance is the overall management of organization’s data with respect to defining and managing policies for data availability, classification, usability, quality, and security. It enables enterprises to take decision based on their data and focusses on data insights, data security, govern sensitive data, and manage data lakes

Data Integration

Combining data from disparate data sources into meaningful and valuable insights. Audax Labs offer enterprises a platform that allows you to collect data, replicate data, transform data, and produce valuable insights, supporting faster time to value and reduced IT risk. Data integration delivers data profile, data standardization, matching and enrichment to active data-quality monitoring.

Master Data Management

Master data management is a process to analyze organization’s critical data and develop best practices to handle the data. It also improves data agility, security, and compliance and provide a single view of data across the enterprise.

Data Quality

Data quality deals with process of cleansing the data and making it complete, accurate, and relevant, manage data and making it available across your organization. Improving data quality enable organization to have a holistic, consistent and complete view of the data and helps in effective decision-making.

Data Architecture assessment

Data Architecture assessment analyses the data landscape of organization’s existing data and provide the recommendations to address operational data flow, data storage, data insights, data enrichment, data migration, and data warehouse implementations.

Data Security

Analyze existing data security processes, discover confidential data/ information and develop best practices to improve data content protection and security during transmission.


Our Solution for Data Insights and Data migration

Hyper Intelligent Data Operations or HIDO, is built on top of, and works with, Hitachi Content Intelligence. HIDO allows companies to:

  • Get visibility into enterprise data – including cost of storage across data stores
  • Connect to a variety of data sources and analyze datasets
  • Intelligently manage large dataset transfers

HIDO helps organizations overcome their data challenges and is a smart way to get better insights from their data.

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