End Of Life Products

The Information technology ecosystem is growing at a rapid pace with new systems being developed every day. There are new hardware, software, products, and solutions that are being released constantly into the market to ensure that the systems can be kept current and updated with regard to efficiency and security functionality and capabilities. But when a product has completed its useful life and support and updates are withdrawn, cybercriminals get huge opportunities to exploit security vulnerabilities and breach outdated security firewalls. That may cause widespread damage— like data corruption and theft of data.

Data centers still using end-of-life technologies are more prone to such risks.

EOL Framework

EOL (End of Life) is a Cloud-based Product Intelligence Suite developed by Audax Labs. It determines end of life cycle and end of support for various software systems used by an enterprise.
It helps the enterprises manage their applications’ data, perform reporting, and improve cost of ownership of the software assets.

Key features

Notification and alerts

Supports multiple data sources and data formats

Efficient data curation

XML data output which can be easily integrated

Configurable dashboard

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