A slow but steady change

3D visualisation has become a large part of the furniture and wall partitions industries, with many technical and sales teams being equally skilled and interested in both disciplines. 3D visualization has never been more important and is often the difference between a satisfied and a dissatisfied customer.

The progression in technologies and its accessibility, has also lead to the advancement of 3D visualization, since it was no longer enough to just have a series of beautiful images, presentations often now consist of highly detailed product specifications and walkthroughs that give the user ultimate control over what they are seeing via various visualization platforms.

How spatial experiences take over product experiences

The use of technology has now become the go product demo tool with its ability to demonstrate and share not just the final form, costs, and materiality but also the atmosphere and feeling that the wall partition or furniture will eventually evoke.

There are many different genres to visualisation, some are purely photorealistic and strive to mimic a photograph, and others are atmospheric and focus on the environment the product creates …selling more of the atmosphere rather than mere product specifications.

Experiencing final products even before ordering them

Organizations can now use the power of web-integrated 3D visualization tools to allow customers to change, modify and order products as per their specifications. Additionally, these tools are allowing Sales teams to reduce sales cycles by displaying to customers a 3D rendered model of final products as well as generate quotes in real time

In fact, for the organizations in the wall partitions and furniture space, 3D visualization tools have become the connecting link which bring designers, sales teams and customers on the same page maximising profitability and productivity.

The Audax Labs’ 3D Builder

With customization driving the needs and demands of customers, it becomes difficult for sales teams meet every requirement or even answer every question on-the-go.

With 3D visualization tools like the Audax Labs 3D builder, such shortcoming become a thing of the past since product customization become easy, flexible and real-time.

Powered by a robust engine built on 3JS (an opensource platform) and the Azure cloud. This tool allows for the sales teams to –

  • Build products in 3D easily and in real-time
  • Simply complex processes through Intuitive building flows
  • Allows customization to the minutest degrees including settings such as lights, shades, shadows, reflection, fabric, color, texture and so on.
  • Seamlessly integrate into your website allowing users to build/customize products while they are online

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